Sunday Morning Baking – Strawberry Banana Bread


Oh Sundays…boy do I have mixed emotions about Sundays!  It is a bitter-sweet day of the week.  Yes, it is a much loved day off from the busyness of work, but it is also the last day off before work begins again.    The last day to get everything done on your “To-Do” list before another list begins.  Well on this lovely Sunday, it felt like springtime (14 degrees in the middle of January!), and on my “To-Do” list…bake something with the over-ripe bananas hanging in my fruit bowl.  I found a great recipe for Strawberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread which used lighter ingredients in place of the standard, higher fat, more calorie ingredients.  I questioned whether this lighter version would still produce a moist quality in the loaf that we have come to expect from banana bread.  Well I headed to the kitchen, opened up the windows to let the surprising weather in, and got mixing up my spring-themed loaf.  The recipe was easy to follow, simple to make and after an hour, the whole house was smelling the sweet aroma of Strawberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread.  This recipe produced a moist, semi-sweet, fruit-filled bread.  A few slices, spread with butter with a hot cup of coffee is my kind of Sunday.