A Treat For My Sweety – Sugar Donut Muffins

I don’t know what it is about a crunchy sugar coating on top of a delightful dessert, but when I saw this recipe for Sugar Donut Muffins, I made a point of waking up extra early this past Saturday to bake them for my sweety.  Nothing says love like Saturday morning treats.  I happened to have every ingredient on the list, as this recipe didn’t require anything out of the ordinary.  I sprung for the square muffin pan as a nice compliment to this nontraditional muffin recipe.  After a few stirs of the ingredients in two separate mixing bowls, they were begging to be baked.  During this time, I melted some butter and prepared my sugar assembly line. When the doughy mounds were done rising in the oven, I let them cool for only a moment before brushing their tops with butter and sending them for a dunk in the sugar pile.  These tasty treats are the perfect combination of dense donuts, with a sweet granular topping, in the shape of a muffin.Image


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